We train in First Aid and Fire Safety, supply appropriate equipment and implement innovative projects to preserve human life and health and ensure business safety

Ukrainian and international companies contract FAST to train their employees in First Aid and provide the essential equipment. We teach Fire Safety and evacuation skills, advise on risk assessment and industrial safety.

We are valued for the special training style, versatility and experience and focus on solving clients' problems.

We are FAST
FAST mission

FAST exists to bring down preventable mortality. We believe that everyone should be provided with timely, professional, life-saving medical care.


FAST exists to reduce harm. We believe that knowledge and skills allow avoiding disastrous consequences.


FAST exists to reduce risks, provide safety and thus contribute to a business development.


Fedir Serdyuk

Fedir Serdyuk

A businessman focused on solving safety challenges. The founder of FAST and co-founder of Reskits. A certified Instructor of the Emergency Medical Services of California, USA (emsa.ca.gov), a trainer of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine; he headed the tactical and medical training of the Patrol Police of Ukraine in the South and East of the country. Fedir participated in training the Armed Forces and Special Forces of Ukraine. Mr Serdyuk is a participant of the 2019 Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, a member of the Global Shapers community. Currently, Fedir Serdyuk is the CEO of FAST.

Igor Korpusov

Igor Korpusov

Certified instructor of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine, teacher of the Patrol Police of Ukraine. Co-founder of FAST. After founding FAST, Igor decided to make career of a sailor.

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