Responding to customer risks, FAST:

Advises on risk assessment and industrial safety


Provides training in First Aid


Supplies first aid equipment: first aid kits, emergency health kits, defibrillators


Teaches Fire Safety and evacuation

We innovate to ensure that people are prepared to act properly in an emergency

Train in First Aid

Train <span>in First Aid</span>
Train <span>in First Aid</span>


In Ukraine, ambulance response time is ten minutes for a city and 20–30 minutes for rural areas. Meanwhile, because of critical bleeding that happens at an injury, death occurs in five or seven minutes as fast as from a sudden cardiac arrest. The chance for survival of the injured can be only if the accident eyewitnesses give first aid – undertake simple and timely actions aimed at saving life and health of the injured person until professional medical workers arrive. The companies provide First Aid training to take care and responsibility of their employees and customers, protect them, and comply with international practices.

Перша допомога впроваджується компаніями для захисту співробітників і клієнтів, демонстрації турботи і відповідальності, а також відповідності міжнародним практикам.

Train <span>in First Aid</span>
First Aid from FAST:
  • based on international standards
  • training program meets client's risks
  • at least 50% of the training time is devoted to practical skills development
  • training has its own unique style and interesting in form. Now this is fun!
We strive to achieve results and therefore:
  • undertake maximum care for organization of training
  • offer regular practical repetition of skills
  • introduce innovations to motivate student performance
  • help the enterprise in organizing its internal standards and communications

First Aid

Supply equipment:

Automated external defibrillators
Supply equipment:

Over four hundred thousand Europeans die of sudden cardiac arrest every year. When the heart stops, the brain is able to live only 5–7 minutes. Every minute during which oxygen is not supplied to the brain reduces the likelihood of the victim returning to normal life. 94% of the patients die before the ambulance arrives.

In such cases, the heart can be restarted with the automated external defibrillator (AED), which is a portable electronic device designed for use by people without medical education. It automatically diagnoses potentially life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias and eliminates them by applying an electric discharge. Defibrillation within the first three minutes increases chances for surviving to 70-80%.

The defibrillators should be available in all public places: in offices, business and shopping centers, concert venues and so on.

Supply equipment:

Reskits First Aid Kits

To save one’s life, two factors must happen together: somebody’s first aid skills and appropriate equipment to give the first aid.

Supply equipment:
Supply equipment:

Reskits integrated:


Modern first aid standards


Practical experience

Assessment of end-user needs and constraints

and have turned into the convenient, modern first-aid kits for office, car, personal first aid kit and other purposes.

Fire Safety

Fire <span>Safety</span>

Every day in Ukraine, 272 fires occur, in which on average 5 people die. For 8 months of 2019, the amount of losses has already amounted to more seven billion hrivnas. The fire safety system at enterprises is a logical response to such a risk.

FAST offers services for the development of a fire safety system for companies that care about safety of life and health of people and the preservation of material values. We teach how to prevent a fire, use an extinguisher to put out a fire, evacuate people and valuables from a building. We conduct training evacuations and audits of premises, provide advice on fire safety and prepare an action plan.

The project team consists of people who have practical experience in fire fighting and rescue, special education and experience in positions of fire safety in large international corporations.

Make your
company safer

Industrial Safety

Industrial <span>Safety</span>

Industrial accidents cost the lives of hundreds of Ukrainians. Over 4,000 workers are injured annually. In every accident, family of the insured, team, management and owners face an impressive set of problems that could have been prevented by the timely introduction of an occupational health and safety system.


  • Assesses production risks with HAZID, HAZOP, and ENVID methods
  • Assesses the occupational safety system and develops a strategy for its creation/improvement
  • Assists in implementing changes and standards
  • Assists in the investigation of accidents and drawing conclusions.

Consultants and project implementers are people with experience in leading positions in the health and safety sector of international companies, such as Shell, Unilever, Metinvest, CRH and others.


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